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Debt Relief

Struggling to make payments on your debt? Feeling overwhelmed, burdened, or harassed by collection calls? Call and schedule an appointment with me now, and I will assess your situation thoroughly with a free bankruptcy consultation. Together let’s discuss your existing debt, and find rapid relief from your financial burdens. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’ll get fast relief from your financial liability and monies owed to creditors.

Keep your house and car

The Chapter 7 myth certainly exists, and it claims you will lose your most valuable assets – this is not automatically the case for you. Many protective exemptions exist to help you keep your house and car. I will fight to represent your best interests, and together we’ll work to avoid these outcomes when you file bankruptcy. Don’t let fear manage your debt.

Wipe away your unsecured debt – fast

Get quick relief from your credit card debt and other unsecured debt – this is debt that is not covered by collateral. Breathe easy! While you’re in bankruptcy, you make no further payments to any creditors, and you get a reprieve from those harassing phone calls.

Receive additional benefits from Chapter 7 today

Work with me today, and tomorrow you’ll enjoy all the benefits and advantages of Chapter 7 bankruptcy below:

  • Stop lawsuits

  • Stop sheriff sales

  • Remove judicial liens

  • Save your home and car

  • Remove credit card debt

  • Stop harassing phone calls

  • Unfreeze your bank account

  • Remove or mitigate wage garnishes

  • Stop foreclosure and seizure of your assets

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Has a second mortgage ruined your budget? Is your home in foreclosure? Do not be overwhelmed by insurmountable debt any longer. I will work with you to determine if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best option. If you make too much to file for Chapter 7, you still have a way to get fast debt relief. Keep the roof over your family’s head, and keep your car in your garage by working with me today.

Let’s create a manageable budget for your relief

Chapter 13 consolidates your owed monies into one monthly payment. That payment amount is determined by your budget. I will thoroughly assess your case, and aggressively seek the most affordable budget for you. It gets better: Your payment plan lasts 3 to 5 years, but if your debt is not paid in full within the time limit – it goes away! work with me for bankruptcy and you’ll get a fixed path with a light at the end of the tunnel.

Defer the payments you can’t make today

You may not be able to make payments on all your debt, even after consolidation – and that’s okay. Options exist for you to defer payments on expensive loans or other liabilities until you have enough income. Let’s seek every avenue to provide you with immediate debt relief today. Contact me now to learn more about filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Get your home out of foreclosure now

Past due payments make have sent you into foreclosure – save your home immediately by working with me under Chapter 13. Once filed, we’ll be able to consolidate those past-due payments into your monthly bankruptcy payments. Foreclosure and mortgages can be your most stressful times – seek relief immediately, and work with a professional attorney who can fight to save your finances.